How to adapt LS-QL for use with Time machine function on Mac OS version 10.7(Lion) or later

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LS-QL was very useful NAS which was produced by Buffalo.

But Buffalo does not support Mac OS version 10.7 or later even today(2012/09/25).
I ‘m using Mac OS version 10.8(Mountain Lion) ,therefore I can’t make use of Time machine function with LS-QL Because of that.

So I decided to adapt LS-QL for use with Time machine function.

The procedure for adapting LS-QL is as follows.

  1. Update firmware to Ver1.11
  2. Create shared foloder for Time machine function
  3. Enable telnet function on LS-QL
  4. Install ipkg to LS-QL
  5. Install netatalk2.2.0 and libgcrypt to LS-QL
  6. Change netatalk settings and reboot LS-QL

1.Update firmware to Ver1.11

Update firmware to Ver1.11.
[for english]
[for japanese]

2.Create shared foloder for Time machine function which name is “Time-Machine”

Create shared foloer like this.

3.Enable telnet function on LS-QL

Put HDD into LS-QL’s slot 1 only (like this) and turn on power supply switch of LS-QL.

Install java on your local PC. You can download java from here.

Download acp_commander.jar from here and put apc_commander.jar into C:\tmp on your local PC.

Launch command prompt and enter command like this.

C:\tmp> [Java Installed Folder]\bin\java -jar C:\tmp\acp_commander.jar -t [ your LS-QL's IP] -o

ACP_commander out of the ( project.

Used to send ACP-commands to Buffalo linkstation(R) LS-PRO.

WARNING: This is experimental software that might brick your linkstation!
Using random connID value = AFFADA612199
Using target: LINKSTATION/xx.xx.xx.xx
Starting authentication procedure…
Sending Discover packet…
Found: LINKSTATION (/xx.xx.xx.xx) LS-QL(NINTOKU) (ID=00640) mac: xxxxxxxxx Firmware= 1.110 Key=23D777ED
Trying to authenticate EnOneCmd… ACP_STATE_OK
start telnetd…
Reset root pwd…

You can now telnet to your box as user ‘root’ providing no / an empty password.

Then enter following commands.

C\:tmp> telnet [your LS-QL's IP]
BUFFALO INC. LinkStation series
LINKSTATION login: root
Password: [push Enter key]

root@LINKSTATION:~# passwd
Changing password for root
Enter the new password (minimum of 5, maximum of 127 characters)
Please use a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers.
New password:[Your new root password]
Re-enter new password:[Your new root password]
Password changed.
root@LINKSTATION:~# mkdir -p /usr/local/src/backup
root@LINKSTATION:~#  cp -p /etc/init.d/rcS /usr/local/src/backup
root@LINKSTATION:~# vi /etc/init.d/rcS
Change as follows.

/usr/local/bin/ &

# Optware setup
[ -x /etc/init.d/rc.optware ] && /etc/init.d/rc.optware start

exit 0

/usr/local/bin/ &
#start telnet
/usr/sbin/telnetd &

# Optware setup

[ -x /etc/init.d/rc.optware ] && /etc/init.d/rc.optware start

exit 0

4.Install ipkg to LS-QL
root@LINKSTATION:~# mkdir -p /usr/local/src/ipkg
root@LINKSTATION:~# cd /usr/local/src/ipkg
root@LINKSTATION:~# wget
Connecting to (
ls-mvkw-bootstrap_1. 100% |*******************************| 246k 00:00:00 ETA
root@LINKSTATION:/usr/local/src/ipkg# ls
root@LINKSTATION:/usr/local/src/ipkg# chmod 755 ls-mvkw-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm.xsh
root@LINKSTATION:/usr/local/src/ipkg# sh ls-mvkw-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm.xsh
Optware Bootstrap for ls-mvkw.
Extracting archive… please wait
1244+1 records in
1244+1 records out
Error: CPU not Marvell Kirkwood, probably wrong bootstrap.xsh

root@LINKSTATION:/usr/local/src/ipkg# vi /usr/local/src/ipkg/bootstrap/

Change The 21st line as follows.

if ! grep Feroceon-KW /proc/cpuinfo >/dev/null 2>&1; then

#if ! grep Feroceon-KW /proc/cpuinfo >/dev/null 2>&1; then
if ! grep Feroceon /proc/cpuinfo >/dev/null 2>&1; then

root@LINKSTATION:/usr/local/src/ipkg# sh /usr/local/src/ipkg/bootstrap/

Creating temporary ipkg repository…
Installing optware-bootstrap package…
Unpacking optware-bootstrap.ipk…Done.
Configuring optware-bootstrap.ipk…Setting up ipkg arch-file
Modifying /etc/init.d/rcS
Installing ipkg…
Unpacking ipkg-opt.ipk…Done.
Configuring ipkg-opt.ipk…Done.
Removing temporary ipkg repository…
Installing wget…
Installing wget (1.12-2) to root…
Configuring wget
Successfully terminated.
Creating /opt/etc/ipkg/cross-feed.conf…
Setup complete.

5.Install netatalk2.2.0 and libgcrypt to LS-QL
root@LINKSTATION:/mnt/array1/share/ipkg#ipkg install netatalk

Installing netatalk (2.2.0-2) to root…
package netatalk suggests installing libgcrypt
Installing libdb52 (5.2.28-1) to root…
Configuring libdb52
Configuring netatalk
Successfully terminated.

root@LINKSTATION:/mnt/array1/share/ipkg# ipkg install libgcrypt

Installing libgcrypt (1.5.0-1) to root…
Installing libgpg-error (1.10-1) to root…
Configuring libgcrypt
Configuring libgpg-error
Successfully terminated.


 6.Change netatalk settings and reboot LS-QL

Download following files to your local PC

Put those files to LS-QL by FTP and move them to /mnt/array1/share .

Then enter following commands.
root@LINKSTATION:# cp -p /opt/etc/netatalk/afpd.conf /usr/local/src/backup
root@LINKSTATION:# cp -p /opt/etc/netatalk/netatalk.conf /usr/local/src/backup
root@LINKSTATION:# cp -p /opt/etc/netatalk/atalkd.conf /usr/local/src/backup
root@LINKSTATION:# cp -p /etc/init.d/ /usr/local/src/backup 

root@LINKSTATION:# cd /opt/etc/netatalk
root@LINKSTATION:/opt/etc/netatalk# unzip /mnt/array1/share/
root@LINKSTATION:/opt/etc/netatalk# unzip /mnt/array1/share/ 
root@LINKSTATION:/opt/etc/netatalk# unzip /mnt/array1/share/ 
root@LINKSTATION:/opt/etc/netatalk# chown root:root *.conf

root@LINKSTATION:/opt/etc/netatalk# cd /etc/init.d
root@LINKSTATION:/etc/init.d#  unzip /mnt/array1/share/
root@LINKSTATION:/etc/init.d# chmod 755
root@LINKSTATION:/etc/init.d# chown root:root
root@LINKSTATION:/etc/init.d# vi /etc/init.d/rcS
Change as follow.

/usr/local/bin/ &

# Optware setup
[ -x /etc/init.d/rc.optware ] && /etc/init.d/rc.optware start

exit 0

/usr/local/bin/ &
#start telnet
/usr/sbin/telnetd &

#start netatalk
/etc/init.d/ start &

# Optware setup
[ -x /etc/init.d/rc.optware ] && /etc/init.d/rc.optware start

exit 0

Then reboot your LS-QL

root@LINKSTATION:/etc/init.d# reboot